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Announcement & Latest News/Events

  • Opening Day 9/6/16
  • Classes Begin 9/7/16
  • Visiting scholar lectures, Dr Tatsushi Arai, May 2. (For more info, contact Prof. Saito)

Welcome to the Department of Communication website at Westfield State University!

The communication major offers students the historical and theoretical background to analyze and understand global culture dominated by media and dependent on effective communication.

The communication department prepares students to be well-informed, responsible citizens and creative and ethical communication practitioners. The department is unique in offering this balance of theory and practice, which is manifest through our courses, our widely respected internship program, and our students’ involvement in a wide and diverse variety of campus and community organizations.

From the local to the global level, our students and graduates apply their knowledge and skills to pursue further knowledge, establish professional careers, and improve their communities.

Major Concentrations

  • Journalism
  • Public and Corporate Communication
  • Media Arts and Analysis
  • Communication and Culture

Department of Communication
Learning Outcomes

  • Outcome I
    Demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate media content
  • Outcome II
    Demonstrate the ability to construct media content
  • Outcome III
    Demonstrate awareness of international and intercultural impacts of communication
  • Outcome IV
    Demonstrate an understanding of ethical behavior and communication
  • Outcome V
    Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method and familiarity with research tools appropriate to the discipline
  • Outcome VI
    Demonstrate knowledge of human communication theories, practices, principles and processes
  • Outcome VII
    Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the media and other social and political institutions
  • Outcome VIII
    Demonstrate ability to communicate effectively in writing in a variety of media and formats

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